Your Firm on AI

Our vision for empowering accounting firms with AI

We started with a vision of:  Happy Clients. Happy Firm. Starting from an amazing client experience, we built a revolutionary new way to run a firm.

And now, we are harnessing the power of GPT for accountants like you.  With AI everywhere in Client Hub, we set transformative goals, like 90%+ time savings in many of the aspects of the work in your firm.

We’re serious, and we’re making it happen.

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Making it Happen

Because your team and your clients are working in Client Hub, we have so much “context” on which to build AI features and we’re investing in those to take your firm to the next level.

Imagine a world where you have these “Magic” powers:

Generate It

Use AI to generate job tasks and task details, generate intelligent email replies, automatically ask clients for missing information, and much more.

Answer It

Don’t just search by keyword.  Just ask a question and intelligently look across emails, meeting transcripts, internal notes, and even in files to bring you the answer.

Up-level It

AI summarizes meeting notes and action items, it tells you what’s in a file without opening it, it gives you a sentiment of each client based on their interactions, and more.

Sounds Amazing?

Be a part of making it happen by becoming a firm that runs on Client Hub.
Client Hub is working with our users to co-develop, test, iterate and fully optimize these capabilities.Get on board today and be a part of shaping the power of AI for your firm.
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Feature Roadmap

We walk our talk. We publish what we’ve already delivered and specifically what we’re working on next:

Magic Workflow

Tell Client Hub what work you need to do and Client Hub will generate a workflow including tasks and task details.

Magic Email:

Summarize thread

Have Client Hub generate a summary of a long email thread for anyone in the firm to quickly reference.

Magic Email:

Refine email tone

Have Client Hub tweak your email to hit just the right tone.

Magic Email:

Auto-generate replies

Have Client Hub suggest your email reply for you!

Magic Meetings

Start a huddle within a Client Hub Workspace. Auto-capture meeting notes and turn them into client or team action items.

Magic Answers

Ask Client Hub for anything related to a client.  
Client Hub will answer it, based on looking across all the rich context we have for that client : Emails, Meeting Notes, Internal Notes, Job Details, even within Files like Financial Statements etc.

And many, many more AI-based ideas that are in our backlog

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