Founded in 2017 and based in Florida, Client Hub is dedicated to our mission:
Happy Clients. Happy Firm.

Our Story

We have our roots in the accounting profession. Our co-founder Judie McCarthy founded and ran a Top 100 ProAdvisor firm.  Over the years, Judie noted that the biggest pain point in her workflow was waiting on clients.

Client communication is broken primarily because email inboxes are overwhelmed, and this clutter prevents clients from responding.  There had to be a better way.

Client Hub was born with the simple idea that firms need a platform that is built for both their teams AND their clients.  With Client Hub, accounting professionals get faster responses, leading to better client relationships and a more productive firm.  Happy Clients. Happy Firm.

Our Philosophy

1. Amazing Client Experience

Nothing matters more to us than an amazing client experience that your firm is proud to roll out. We are representing your modern firm and approach with your clients.

2. Sophisticated Yet Simple

We obsess over our product’s design, so that we give your team and clients powerful capabilities while keeping the experience modern and delightfully simple to use.

3. Friendly Service

We aim to make customer support something you should never need, but if you do, we are there with friendly, helpful responses.

4. Fair pricing

We offer a simple plan with competitive pricing with no upfront setup fees, lock-ins or other gimmicks.

Recognized by top tier organizations

Over the years, Client Hub has been proud to be recognized as a top solution by several organizations.
Winner of this recognition from AICPA, which included funding for Client Hub .
Innovation Award Finalist.
A leading startup accelerator and Investor in Client Hub.