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Everything Your Team Needs

Organized by Client

Internal Workspace: for your team to organize client service delivery

Jobs Panel

Manage deliverables and deadlines

Task Checklist

Create simple-to-follow checklists

Task Details

Give your team details that can include images/video

Recurring Jobs

Perfect for ongoing client service

Client Notes

Internal notes for your team

Client Workspace: where you and your clients collaborate


Consolidate client communication. Everyone on your team always in the loop

Client Tasks

Gather outstanding items from clients and get workflow unblocked


Give clients their accounting app stack in one place


Give clients access to procedures, training, and more in one click

QuickBooks Integration

Instantly create Client Tasks to resolve uncategorized expenses

File Manager: a fully integrated way to organize and share files

Recent Files

Convenient one-click access to recently added files

Client Shared Folders

Organize folders and store files that are shared with clients

Internal Folders

Internal folders and files, organized under each client

Auto-Downloader (Beta)

Automatically downloads files for local Windows or Mac access

Dashboards: at-a-glance visibility across your firm

Jobs Dashboard

Drive all the work in your practice (and easily manage who is doing what for which client)

Client Task Dashboard

Visualize all the things that you are waiting on from your clients (try doing that in your email program!)

Drop-dead Simple for Your Clients

Here is what your clients see — and love

Client Workspace: where clients collaborate with your team


Clients love being able to communicate in a quick text-like way

Client Tasks

The simplest way for clients to answer their client tasks


Clients love one-click access to their apps, bank accounts etc


Clients click to schedule meetings, attend meetings, access forms and more

QuickBooks Integration

Clients on QuickBooks Online instantly resolve unclassified expenses

File Manager: where clients access their files

Recent Files

Clients access recently added files in one-click

Client Shared Folders

Clients access their folders and files shared by your team

Mobile App: modernize your client experience


Clients reach your firm while they are on the go

Client Tasks

And they can answer tasks while on the go

Notifications and More: minimize change in client behavior

Email notifications

Client Hub experience starts here — where they already are

Mobile notifications

…or it can start here for clients who are out-and-about

Deep links

And from notifications, they go immediately into their Client Workspace (without logging in again)

Getting Going is As Simple as 1, 2 and 3…

1. Sign up for Client Hub and invite your accounting or bookkeeping practice staff.

2. Add each client company. Invite client users and assign staff to serve this client.

3. For each client, you get a hub with: (a) An Internal Workspace, (b) A Client Workspace and (c) A File Manager.

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